Training influences patient outcomes. First hand experience from Shakespeare Health Centre

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The new partners prioritised diabetes as one of the first long-term conditions to tackle. They sourced and attended PITstop in 2015, then returned with a plan of action involving audit and proactive follow-up, combined with a goal for 75% of the practice clinical workforce to attend diabetes training in 2016. Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group were keen to support the training initiative and a variety of training was marketed and delivered, including a 3-day PrePITstop and 1-day key message PrePITstop, a PITstop course and two half-day introduction to PITstop workshops for clinicians who already held a qualification in enhanced diabetes service delivery.

Audit and mentorship have been key to the success of Shakespeare Health Centre, to help embed the skills. PITstop inspired them to return to clinical practice with the resources, ideas and motivation to make a difference to patient services and outcomes. the significant improvements in QOF outcomes and the number of patients accessing services is evident.