Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about the costs of your training options?

The individual cost for attending a PITstop course is posted on the PITstop page. This price is inclusive of VAT. Please contact us to discuss the other training options and your local plans and we will provide an individual quote for you.

If I register as an individual to attend a PITstop course, where are they normally held?

The courses are normally held in Kent. The venue will change depending on the size of the group. There are good train lines from London and we can advise on accommodation for people traveling any distance. You will need to find a local mentor, experienced in injectable initiation, to support you to achieve the PITstop competencies.

I would like to attend one of your courses but don’t want to travel to Kent. Will you come to us?

Yes. If you know twelve like-minded people who are keen to attend one of our courses, we will come to you! All we ask is that you provide the venue and find local mentors. Alternatively, put us in touch with your local diabetes commissioning lead or primary care  training coordinator and we will do our best to organise a local course.

What different courses do you offer?

2-day PITstop HCA course for non-registered nurses (not currently accredited)

3-day PrePITstop foundation level diabetes course (accredited with the RCGP).

1-day PrePITstop foundation key-message course (Accredited with the RCGP).

PITstop advanced level diabetes course (accredited with Greenwich University and the RCGP).

Bespoke training focusing on supporting people with diabetes in the community setting.

What’s the difference between university accreditation and a professional body accreditation?

Accredited courses have gone through a formal process of approval by a university or recognised professional body such as the RCGP or RCN. Universities award academic credits based on the agreed level and hours of study. Successful completion is based on meeting the assessment criteria agreed with the university.

RCGP or RCN accreditation acts as a quality mark for educational activities. The application for accreditation must meet the high professional standards set by the professional body.

Will I get a certificate of attendance if I choose to complete the course but not the university accreditation?

Yes. All students receive a certificate of completion on the day they attend day 3 of PITstop.

Can I attend the advanced PITstop course without attending a foundation course in Diabetes?

It is not advisable, unless you have completed your own continuing professional development. From experience, healthcare professionals have struggled if they do not have a good understanding of oral diabetes medications (not including the newer classes), appropriate blood glucose monitoring, lifestyle advice, cardiovascular management and the provision of other diabetes essential services including screening requirements.

What e-learning continuing professional development do you recommend? is an excellent website providing free online education for UK  or Ireland healthcare professionals. Once registered, you can access diabetes related journals and CPD modules and build up your CPD portfolio. We recommend you focus on the Primary Care Diabetes Society core curriculum. Its also a good idea to join the Primary Care Diabetes Society and gain access to their e-news bulletins and information about their conferences and other training opportunities.