PrePITstop: 3-day course

PrePITstop diabetes 3-day foundation course focusing on essential type 2 diabetes and prediabetes management in primary care.

Outline of content

This 3-day multidisciplinary diabetes foundation course focuses on the core diabetes services and care provision for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes and emergency management for people with type 1 diabetes. It is aimed at healthcare professionals working in primary care who want to work as a team to improve diabetes services and patient outcomes using structured care pathways.

Programme summary

  • Classification and accurate diagnosis
  • Diabetes screening for at risk groups
  • Day to day living choices
  • Encouraging referrals to the Diabetes Prevention Programme and Structured Education
  • The oral diabetes medication pathway and related subjects (DVLA, hypoglycaemia, monitoring, concordance, individual target setting)
  • Managing illness
  • The provision of essential diabetes care using structured care pathways
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention, including blood pressure, lipid and kidney management
  • Eye screening and diabetes eye complications
  • Emotional and mental health
  • The foot assessment, foot advice and appropriate referral
  • Preconceptual counselling and family planning advice (self-directed learning)
  • Case studies: putting it into practice
  • Use of audit to improve outcomes

Registration options

  • Individual registration for live, online courses. Cost for individual registration is £330.00 (online course price). Go to our shop page to register or find out the course dates
  • Courses can be commissioned live online or locally to you. The national team will travel to a venue of your choice and deliver the course. Registration will be open to invited healthcare professionals in the local vicinity. To commission a course a minimum of 12 students is required and a maximum 30, a quote can be provided

Course delivery

Courses are currently being delivered live, online. Duration 19.5 hours

3 days of face-to-face sessions. Duration 19.5 hours.

We recommend days 1 and 2 are together with day 3 approximately 1 month later. Students have access to a paper workbook and interactive pdf workbook.

Suitable for

  • GP, GP trainee, Practice Nurse, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Community Nurse, Clinical Pharmacist and Paramedic wanting to become involved in diabetes provision

We recommend a team approach to diabetes service provision, so team members attending together is encouraged




To commission a local course please contact us for an individual quote based on number of students and location.

Cost for individual registration is £330.00 (online course price)