PITstop (Programme for Injectable Therapies): 2.5-day course

PITstop 2.5-day advanced diabetes course focusing on supporting people with type 2 diabetes on more complex medication regimens, including GLP-1 and insulin initiation and ongoing support.

Outline of content

This popular, practical 2.5-day advanced course gives multi-disciplinary, practice teams the resources to work towards enhanced diabetes service provision for injectable initiation (type 2 diabetes only).

We recommend PITstop students seek mentorship after attending the course, to ensure they embed the skill safely in clinical practice. This service is normally commissioned with the local community Diabetes Specialist Nursing team.

Programme summary

  • Revision of diabetes oral medications
  • GLP-1 Agonists, including initiation using a structured care pathway
  • Insulin: building the profile
  • Injection technique
  • Device workshop
  • Detective work at review appointments focusing on injectables
  • Insulin safety (self-directed learning)
  • When is insulin indicated?
  • Working through the PITstop insulin pathway to assess for insulin, initiate an appropriate insulin regimen and support the patient for the first 6-months: a case study approach
  • Changing insulin regimens
  • Dietary considerations and insulin, including minimising weight gain
  • Decisions about injectable therapies: a case study approach
  • Embedding the learning and university accreditation

Registration options

  • Individual registration for live, online courses. Cost for individual registration is £492 (online course price). Go to our shop page to register or find out the course dates
  • Courses can be commissioned live online or locally to you. The national team will travel to a venue of your choice and deliver the course. Registration will be open to invited healthcare professionals in the local vicinity. To commission a course a minimum of 12 students is required and a maximum 24

Course delivery

Courses are currently being delivered live, online. Duration 17.5 hours

2.5 days of face-to-face sessions. Duration 17.5 hours

The first two days are held together and the half-day follow-up is approximately 2 months later.

We have filmed day 3, and students unable to attend the follow-up session can access the films with a follow-up phone call.

Students have access to a paper workbook and interactive pdf workbook.

Suitable for

  • GP, Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse and Clinical Pharmacist (working as part of a practice diabetes team), already experienced in providing a diabetes service

Ideally have attended to a foundation level diabetes course or can provide evidence of self-directed learning, focusing on the oral diabetes medication pathway.


Greenwich University. 15 credits level 5 (optional)


To commission a local course please contact us for an individual quote based on number of students and location.

Cost for individual registration is £540 inc. VAT (online course price).