NEW! 1-day Care Home course

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Due to demand in requests from HCAs from care homes wanting to attend our General practice HCA course, we decided to design and pilot a 1-day course ‘Diabetes Awareness in the Care Home Setting’

After interviewing care home managers, we developed a programme based around the Diabetes UKs Resident’s Diabetes Passport.

The course is designed for non-registered practitioners working in a care home setting. It is designed to raise awareness of diabetes-related issues that face people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes living in residential and nursing homes. This will enable students to actively recognise and communicate any concerns and strengthen communication between care home staff and allied healthcare professionals, ultimately preventing unnecessary hospital admissions.

The pilot course was well evaluated by the 20 students, who fed back that the course could be delivered to larger numbers if students. We can provide future courses for up to 50 care home staff (all non-registered practitioners, including care home managers).

My thanks go to the development team: Diabetes Specialist Nurses Sarah Deans, Sarah Gregory and Liz Camfield and Complex Care Nurse Linda Wilson