HCA PITstop 2-day course

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Designed to enable unregistered nurses to understand their role in supporting people at high risk of developing diabetes and type 2 diabetes. This practical course enables unregistered nurses to return to practice and use the learnt skills under the mentorship of a practice nurse or chosen supervisor. The course includes the HCA PITstop competency assessment tool, adapted from the Trend competency framework for unqualified team members (Trend, 2016)

Day 1 programme includes the care pathways for high risk and type 2 diabetes, and the screening tests associated with the annual reviews, how to maintain the Practice ‘diabetes box’ containing blood glucose/ketone monitoring equipment and hypoglycaemia treatment, the scope of practice of HCAs in diabetes care and the competency assessment/mentorship requirements.


Day 2 programme includes details of the local structured education for people with type 2 diabetes, the Diabetes Prevention Programme for people at high risk and any local lifestyle referral options. It covers five elements of healthy living: sleep, social engagement, stress, moving and diet and how to motivate patients to achieve their goals. Participants have time to practice scenarios from the programme.

Normally there is a 2-4 week break between days 1 and 2 to allow participants to return to practice and explore diabetes service provision, available resources and start putting into practice what they have learnt.