Bespoke CPD becomes part of annual diabetes training programmes

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This year sees the launch of half and one-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) PrePITstop and PITstop courses in response to primary care workforces’ focus on CPD events. Our PrePITstop CPD programme is suitable for students who have attended a Foundation level course and have chosen to continue to deliver essential diabetes care to a high standard and not progress to insulin and GLP-1 initiation. The PITstop CPD is for those who have already attended PITstop.

Bexley in South London has commissioned CPD one-day courses from Anne for the past four years, as well as continuing to run PrePITstop courses for newcomers and GP registrars, and accessing the national PITstop course in Kent. So we were able to use our experience in Bexley to write the 2016 CPD programmes.

Dr Jhumur Moir, GP and clinical diabetes lead for Bexley CCG said

The annual updates Anne provides Bexley are extremely comprehensive and speaking as a trainer myself she is clearly an excellent educator.

The four East Kent clinical commissioning groups (CCG) are running both PrePITstop and PITstop CPD events, delivered by the local specialist team from Kent Comity NHS Foundation Trust. Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG have included the half-day PITstop CPD in its annual diabetes training programme. Both have been running successful training programmes for the last two years.

Anne Goodchild said,

The popularity of these new courses is proving beyond doubt that CPD becomes crucial in year three as primary care professionals focus on maintaining the highest possible levels of care for patients.