Diabetes Management in Custody

Outline of content

This course provides the forensic medical student with insight into type 1 and type 2 diabetes, enabling discussion about the support required for detained people in the custody setting.

Programme Summary

  • Types of diabetes; understanding the aetiology and how this impacts on management
  • Medications other than insulin, including GLP-1 Agonists
  • Insulin and insulin regimens for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • How can a diabetes medication regimen impact on a person’s dietary choices?
  • Hypoglycaemia management, including factors affecting insulin absorption
  • Acute diabetes management: alcohol and/or illicit drugs
  • Insulin Pumps and monitors/mobile phone apps used with pumps
  • Type 1 diabetes questions. Use of a correction dose, bolus insulin – insulin: carb ratios
  • Monitoring
    • Who should be testing and how often?
    • Custody officer’s use of a blood glucose/ketone monitor
    • Interstitial monitoring
    • Ketone monitoring
  • Case scenarios

Registration options

  • Individual registration is not currently available. Course dates will be posted online for 2021.
  • Courses can be commissioned locally to you. The national team will travel to a venue of your choice and deliver the course. Registration will be open to invited healthcare professionals in the local vicinity. To commission a course a minimum of 15 students is required and a maximum 50

Course delivery

1-day of face-to-face or live, online sessions. Duration 6.5 hours

You will receive access to a pdf workbook and we recommend you print it out. The course will be delivered live, online, using the ZOOM platform. You will require a computer or tablet with a microphone and camera.

National course dates will be posted online for 2021. Cost £150 (online course price)

Suitable for

Non-registered practitioners (including managers) working in the elderly care home setting




To commission a local course please contact us for an individual quote based on number of students and location.

National course dates will be posted online for 2021. Cost £150 (online course price)