CPD PITstop – a series of 90 minute sessions

It is essential for every member of the workforce involved in the diabetes care pathway to understand their role and feel confident and competent to support individual patients / carers consistently well. There will be highly skilled members of the local workforce who need to maintain their skills (i.e. practice team members providing enhanced services already).

We have developed a series of 90 minute sessions. Cost per student £42 (inc.VAT) per session. We have created a resource pack that will be available to download and print from our website. The sessions are delivered  live, online via zoom.

Our 90 minute CPD PITstop sessions:

  • Oral medications and individual HbA1c and blood glucose target setting
  • PITstop GLP-1 initiation revision (for HCPs with injectable experience)
  • PITstop insulin initiation revision (for HCPs with injectable experience)
  • Hot topics including illness management and complex treatment regimens: a case study approach (for HCPS with injectable experience)

Course programmes

Our programmes are constantly updated to be in line with guidelines and evidence.

Oral medications and individual HbA1c and blood glucose target setting

  • Lifestyle advice – self-directed learning
  • A targeted approach for individual treatment regimens based on evidence
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GLP-1 revision

  • Reflection: past use of GLP-1 Agonists (GLP-1s) and current knowledge
  • Revision of licensed GLP-1s
  • Assessment for GLP-1s, including CV outcome studies influencing treatment choice
  • Initiation using the PITstop GLP-care pathway
  • Questions: dose alteration requirements, if side effects are a problem, when to stop.
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Insulin revision

  • Reflection: past use of insulins and current knowledge
  • Insulin revision
  • Assessment for insulin
  • Insulin initiation revision, including a case study on high dose steroids
  • Education associated with insulin initiation, including titration
  • Insulin safety: self-directed learning.
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Hot topics and complex cases

  • Reflection using the Steno-2 trial
  • Update
  • Quick fire round
  • Complex cases
  • Pre-session preparation
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Here is some feedback from sessions throughout 2020-2021

“They were the 2 most interactive courses I have had on-line. It must have been tough to keep jumping on/off shared screen but I appreciated having the interaction as ‘a group’. Thank you I got a lot out of those sessions today”

“The course was excellent and I really feel I am fully up to date with all the recent medications. As always PITstop delivered an excellent standard of education for HCP’s. Thank you so much!”

“Once again, Anne taught me something that I did not know. Thank you.”

“I Now have more knowledge to be able to back up my recommendations to GP’s. I will share the de-escalation process for insulin in COVID patients with my team as I feel this is a very relevant and timely update.”

“I am impressed with how the online training you are providing does not feel inferior to face to face training I have undertaken. I would be interested in any training you are offering in the future and am already spreading the word!”

“Attending all the updates has been effective going over the case studies and debating management plans. Looking forward to more in the future. Thankyou once again”