2. CPD PITstop – GLP-1 initiation revision (for HCPs with injectable experience)

It is essential for every member of the workforce involved in the diabetes care pathway to understand their role and feel confident and competent to support individual patients / carers consistently well. There will be highly skilled members of the local workforce who need to maintain their skills (i.e. practice team members providing enhanced services already), or those who require basic training (i.e. care home teams).

We have developed a series of 90 minute sessions. Cost per student £42 (inc.VAT) per session. We have created a resource pack that will be available to download and print from our website.


Other 90 minute CPD PITstop sessions:

Oral diabetes medication and individual HbA1c target setting

PITstop insulin initiation revision (for HCPs with injectable experience)

Hot topics including illness management and complex treatment regimens: a case study approach (for  HCPS with injectable experience)